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Baxter Clay PomadeBaxter Clay Pomade
Baxter of California Baxter Clay Pomade
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Baxter Daily Fortifying Shampoo 473 mlBaxter Daily Fortifying Shampoo 473 ml
Baxter Beard OilBaxter Beard Oil
Baxter of California Baxter Beard Oil
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Baxter Hard Cream PomadeBaxter Hard Cream Pomade
Baxter Skin Concentrate BHABaxter Skin Concentrate BHA
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Baxter of California 3-PackBaxter of California 3-Pack
Baxter of California Baxter of California 3-Pack
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Baxter of California 

Back in 1965, Baxter Finley founded Baxter of California after he struggled to find skincare products for men. It all began with one revolutionary product. This was Super Shape, a face cream to protect against the sun. During the 70’s, interest in men’s grooming was rising and Baxter of California was there to meet the demand, responding with new products in skincare, hair care and shaving. Today, Baxter of California continues to meet the needs of the modern man.

Baxter of California have created many awesome products across most categories in men’s care. Here at SlikhaarShop, we offer you some of the best of Baxter of California in haircarehair styling and skincare.