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Morris Motley -  Matte Styling BalmMorris Motley -  Matte Styling Balm
Morris Motley -  Shine Styling BalmMorris Motley -  Shine Styling Balm
Morris Motley - PomadeMorris Motley - Pomade
Morris Motley Morris Motley - Pomade
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Morris Motley

Morris Motley is a premium Australian men’s haircare brand developed by the proprietor and bespoke barber Rob Mason to compliment his contemporary cuts and hairstyles.

Morris Motley's goal is to reinvent the whole concept behind men’s hair products. Moving away from a dominating tendency of using cheap, basic ingredients in men’s haircare products, Morris Motley develops high-quality formulations that respect and nurture the unique biochemistry of both hair and scalp.

The Morris Motley Matte Styling Balm was created in cooperation with the Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker. The Treatment Styling Balm has a matte finish and a strong, pliable hold. It’s water soluble, so it washes out easily with water.

If a matte finish isn’t for you - try the Shine Styling Balm, which gives your hair a natural-to-high sheen finish.