Free Track & Trace shipping World Wide on orders above: 39USD/EUR

See how Covid-19 is affecting shipment for your country. 

DHL Shipping Option
Not affected, but expect a small delay. We can’t promise 1-2-day delivery in all countries but we are certain you’ll still get it really fast.
If you buy for more than 110 USD/EUR you get 50% off DHL.

Shipment with Track and Trace + Delivery by Post Option 
We expect small delays, the post is working overtime.
Our advice is to stay home and be patient, check your doorsteps, garage, etc. regularly

We’re still shipping orders directly to your doorstep for most countries. 

Are we not able to ship to your country? Write to to check your possibilities. 

We’re updating this list hourly and all our curriers are working 24/7 on getting alternative routes in place.

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