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By Vilain Skincare Solution 2-PackBy Vilain Skincare Solution 2-Pack
Blumaan Cloud Control Hair OilBlumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil
BluMaan Blumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil
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(SHEH·VOO) Activating Oil Cleanser(SHEH·VOO) Activating Oil Cleanser
Arcadian Conditioning OilArcadian Conditioning Oil
Arcadian Arcadian Conditioning Oil
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Arcadian Conditioning CreamArcadian Conditioning Cream
Arcadian Arcadian Conditioning Cream
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Arcadian Banana Face WashArcadian Banana Face Wash
Arcadian Arcadian Banana Face Wash
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Baxter Beard OilBaxter Beard Oil
Baxter of California Baxter Beard Oil
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Baxter Super Close Shave Formula (240ml)Baxter Super Close Shave Formula (240ml)
Baxter of California Baxter Super Close Shave Formula (240ml)
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How to take care of a beard?

One of the most important things while growing a beard is to keep it clean. That’s easily managed by washing it with a good beard shampoo a few days a week. It’s also important to trim your beard often to get rid of ugly split ends.

A pro tip for beard grooming is to use beard oils. Beard oil is an essential part of taking care of your beard, because even though you have to wash your beard a few days a week to keep it clean - that will still strip some of your beard’s natural oils. Beard oil helps reduce dryness, some of them can even be used for the hair and skin as well. Maybe give Arcadians Conditioning Oil a try? A tip for usage is applying the beard oil right after the shower on a damp beard. The warm water will open the pores and the oil will be absorbed more effectively. 

Best skincare products for men

Are you looking for the best skincare products for men? We’ve handpicked the best skincare products for men from the absolute best suppliers out there, and made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. If you’re not already doing so, make it a daily routine to use a face wash. A good skincare routine for men leads to a better shave and healthier skin. After shaving, you should always remember to use a good aftershave to hydrate and soothe the skin.

Anti-ageing skincare

If you’re worried about premature ageing and fine lines, we’ve got the goods. You should go for a product containing caffeine, which helps protect from UV radiation and slows down the ageing process of the skin - such as Baxter of California Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream. Other ingredients you should look for are Hyaluronic Acid, which keeps the skin supple and hydrated, and Vitamin C and E, which protect it from environmental pollution.

Even if you’re not worried about premature ageing, you should take care of your skin. Activated charcoal has been on everyone’s lips for a long time now. Why is activated charcoal so great? It’s very effective if you’re dealing with acne, as it binds the toxins and detoxes your skin.