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By Vilain Rush ShampooBy Vilain Rush Shampoo
By Vilain By Vilain Rush Shampoo
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By Vilain Rush ConditionerBy Vilain Rush Conditioner
By Vilain By Vilain Rush Conditioner
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Kevin Murphy Thick.AgainKevin Murphy Thick.Again
Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Thick.Again
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Kevin Murphy Stimulate-Me.WashKevin Murphy Stimulate-Me.Wash
Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Stimulate-Me.Wash
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Kevin Murphy Anti.GravityKevin Murphy Anti.Gravity
Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity
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Kevin Murphy Stimulate-Me.RinseKevin Murphy Stimulate-Me.Rinse
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By Vilain Rush Conditioner (Classic)By Vilain Rush Conditioner (Classic)
By Vilain By Vilain Rush Conditioner (Classic)
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Hanz de Fuko Natural ShampooHanz de Fuko Natural Shampoo
Hanz de Fuko Hanz de Fuko Natural Shampoo
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Blumaan Cloud Control Hair OilBlumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil
BluMaan Blumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil
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Hanz de Fuko Natural ConditionerHanz de Fuko Natural Conditioner
The Salon Guy - PURE Quinoa Protein ShampooThe Salon Guy - PURE Quinoa Protein Shampoo
The Salon Guy Pure Quinoa Protein ConditionerThe Salon Guy Pure Quinoa Protein Conditioner
Morris Motley - Clay Conditioning ShampooMorris Motley - Clay Conditioning Shampoo
(SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Shampoo(SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Shampoo
(sheh·voo) (SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Shampoo
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(SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Condtioner(SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Condtioner
Arcadian Conditioning OilArcadian Conditioning Oil
Arcadian Arcadian Conditioning Oil
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The Salon Guy - Volume ShampooThe Salon Guy - Volume Shampoo
(SHEH·VOO) Activating Oil Cleanser(SHEH·VOO) Activating Oil Cleanser
Arcadian Conditioning CreamArcadian Conditioning Cream
Arcadian Arcadian Conditioning Cream
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The Salon Guy - Volume ConditionerThe Salon Guy - Volume Conditioner
Baxter Daily Fortifying Shampoo 473 mlBaxter Daily Fortifying Shampoo 473 ml

Hair care for men

We have a wide range of shampoo, conditioner and oil treatments. These products will help you get the hair you want. A Shampoo like The Salon Guy’s PURE Quinoa Protein Shampoo helps you fight hair loss. With Anti-Fade Shampoo from Hanz de Fuko, you can protect colored hair. Along with the Anti-Fade Conditioner, the shampoo is created to protect the color. Always remember to use a conditioner when you wash your hair.

But a man doesn’t need a conditioner. Well, that is a myth. A good conditioner helps minimize damage and is good for the health of your hair. Also, you should finish your shower off with cold water. It’s only for a few seconds. By finishing off with cold water you lay down the outer layer of hair smoothly, this prevents moisture loss, snags and heat damage. There are a lot of products out there and while it can be difficult to navigate all the tips and tricks on how to keep your hair healthy we have made it easier for you with hair care and styling tips. All the hacks can be used by everyone even if you are not trying to grow your hair long.

Everyone has heard about activated charcoal being used in toothpaste for whitening teeth and face masks. But this is not the only benefits. Activated charcoal is also used in shampoo, but what is activated charcoal and what is it good for?


What does activated charcoal do?

Activated charcoal is made by heating carbon-rich materials like wood, coconut shells or sawdust to a very high temperature. Activated charcoal is extremely effective in skin and hair care products because toxins bind to the activated charcoal and make a good deep cleanser and detoxifier.

By using shampoos with activated charcoal you rid your hair of toxins. The charcoal will gently detox your hair by binding dirt and oils without disrupting the natural moisture level in your hair. A regular shampoo may not be able to wash out enough dirt and oil because it only removes surface dirt and your hair will start to sag. However, the shampoo with activated charcoal will pull out more dirt from the hair, leaving your hair lighter and with more volume. Activated charcoal also relieves and oily and itchy scalp while helping get rid of dandruff and redness.

We have handpicked only the best hair care products for men on the market especially for you.

By Vilain favorite hair care

Our absolute favorites from By Vilain is covering full sized and travel-sized products and packs. For example, Skyline shampoo is a daily-use shampoo designed especially for men and formulated to nourish the hair as it cleanses along with Skyline conditioner. These professional hair care products will give your hair a salon feel every time, and they are suitable for all hair types. And did we mention the great scent?