3 SUMMER Hairstyles & How To Achieve Them!

Mike Smith

It's that time of year! 

There’s a lot of awesome things about the summer season, way too many to list here. One of the things I look forward to most is doing a bit of a style change, whether it be something small, like some lighter highlights for the season, or a full haircut and style change, this time of year is always a good time to think about making a change. Today I'm going to offer you 3 pieces of inspiration and how to style each piece, using the awesome products from the By Vilain line up.  

1. Short Fringe

This is one look that I think is great for the summer weather. It's easy to style, it's flattering, and it's low maintenance, leaving you to focus on all the awesome season festivities. Achieving this look is also extremely easy! Of course, you want to make sure you have the haircut first. You can simply take this photo to your barber or stylist, or tell them you want a short fringe haircut. I'd ask them to make sure you have a lot of texture added to your hair as it will only enhance the overall look later. After that's taken care of, you can style it easily by taking some By Vilain Gold Digger Wax, or Dynamite Clay and applying it to your hair. Using small amounts apply it from back to front, emphasizing on the roots of the hair using your fingertips. Simply bring the hair forward and slightly to either side until it looks good to you! Remember you want a nice balance between clean cut and messy. For added hold and security, you can also pre-style using By Vilain Sidekick on damp hair, and then blow-drying it into the general shape and direction you want, and then following up with your post styling product. 

 2. Side Part with Quiff 

This might not seem like the standard summer style but hear me out. One of the best things about summer is those awesome summer nights! This is a great style to take out for a night on the town in the summer air. This one is a bit higher maintenance than the short fringe, but not by much if you do it right. Once again, you can easily get this style done by your stylist by requesting a side part with quiff, or just showing them this photo. Most barbers and stylists are very familiar with this popular style. As far as achieving it goes, I'd recommend you start with pre-styling to set a foundation for the style and the endurance. This style is one you want to keep around all day! To do this simply apply some By Vilain Sidekick or Sidekick Zero onto damp/towel dried hair. You then want to apply the heat, to activate the pre-styler and then help set the hair into its desired shape. You’d be surprised how much style one can achieve using just a pre-styling spray and a blow drier. After that you can use almost anything you want from the line up as a post styling product. If you want extreme hold and a matte finish, you can choose Gold Digger Wax, if you want great hold, matte finish, and a bit of added texture in the quiff, you can go with the Dynamite Clay. If you want the same great hold, but a natural finish, you could even go in smooth with Silver Fox Wax. No matter what you decide, you will want to apply the product in sections, being careful to not use too much. You want to add some to the side you are combing down, and then some to the side being combed over. The key to this style is to take the comb and start by combing everything into position nice and neat, you then take your fingers or even a wide tooth comb and you want to take the front and give it a tussle, or a slight mess up to break up the clean lines brought in from the comb. 

3. Curtains 

Yes, I know, this is very 90’s boy band, but curtains are making a big comeback! This style is on its way back in a big way because really, it's timeless, its easy to style, and it goes with almost any season, especially this one because it tends to look better, the more the wind blows through it!  I think folks love this style because it takes minimal styling time, and they run their hands through it as many times as they want without risk of messing up their part line. This is the only style out of the 3 though that might not work for everyone. You obviously do need a particular face shape to pull this off but will say that it does work for more face shapes than people think. You don't have to look like Leo DiCaprio to pull off the curtain look, as this style can be customized to different shapes, lengths, and hair types. Styling this too is extremely easy, just pre-style and go! Simply add in some sprays of By Vilain Sidekick or Sidekick Zero and then either air dry or blow dry after doing some light shaping with a comb or even just your fingers. The name of the game is natural movement here! Letting it summer where it wants is key to achieving this effortless and laid-back look. 

There you have it!

3 hairstyles for 3 different hair-types and lengths that are sure to please this summer season. Each style again can be easily obtained using the products from By Vilain as well. Remember haircut is key as well! Taking a photo to your stylist or barber is a great place to start on the path to achieving these, or any awesome style.