How To Get Austin Butler's ELVIS Look

Mike Smith

Austin Butler is everywhere right now. You can't turn on a late-night talk show, or open a set of reels on Instagram without seeing him. His portrayal of Elvis Presley, in Baz Luhrmann's ELVIS has shot him into the realm of superstardom. If you haven't yet seen the film, take it from me, it's fantastic. 

Just like the King himself, Austin Butler has an awesome sense of style, and today we're going to discuss how you can achieve something like it for yourself. 

The Haircut

As usual, the easiest thing to do to get the haircut, is to take a photo and show a barber or stylist. The haircut here is key, because in the end you can use even the same exact products and method as Austin here but end up with very different results. The haircut sets the foundation for the type of result in the style, it also allows the barber to cater it to your face shape, and hair type. 

The name of the game with this style is cool & casual. There's length on the sides, and on top so the sides can be swept back, and the top can have some sweeping movement. The idea is to look like you didn't just spend a bunch of time doing your hair. You want to look both polished, and messy at the same time. Wavy hair types are really going to love this style because it allows for natural waves to sit front and center and not be fully controlled by product and technique. 

The Products 

Because we want things to look messy and polished, we don't want the hair to be totally controlled, but we need it all to be controlled at the same time. The entire style is a contradiction, but it's one that makes perfect sense if you know how to do it. 

I'd start by pre-styling with By Vilain Sidekick. This'll add some foundation to the hair and give it nice hold with decent movement. it'll allow for you to begin shaping the messy look. A lot of the hold in the end-result will come from this step.  

After that is completed, we want to finish up with something that has enough structure to keep your hair messy but with a softness to it for the "swooped look". Looking at Mr. Butler's hair again too we can see he does have a little bit of shine there as well, not a lot of course, but just a hint of it. 

Time to bring out By Vilain Revolution Wax. This product checks all the boxes of everything that was just described. Its strong hold will keep things together for you, its slick consistency will make application easy and still allow for total manipulation of the hair, and its little hint of shine will get you even closer to this awesome goal of ours. 

The Technique

Now it's time to put it all together. You want to start by spraying 10-15 pumps of By Vilain Sidekick all over your hair. You then want to blow dry it in, focusing on the shape you are trying to obtain, using a comb or brush to direct the sides back and pushing the top to the side you ultimately want it to go. Looking closer at Austin's hair again, you can see he does have a slight part there on the side where pieces of the hair on top go opposite directions of each other. Using your fingers to direct the hair into these directions, instead of a comb, will allow for the shape to take form without being too cleaned up with a crisp part. 

From there we take our finishing product, the Revolution Wax. You want to use small amounts, as more can always be added. The idea is to get it down into the roots and evenly distributed across the hair using your fingers. The use of your fingers will help keep the style looking balanced between cleaned up and effortlessly tousled.

It's a lot of hard work to look like you didn't do any work. 

For the sides I have a little trick to share with you, and its super easy. For starters, take a comb and slick the sides back. After that, take your fingers and run them in the same direction across the sides you just combed. What should happen is a light messing of the fine comb lines giving it some clean direction alongside the effortless look we are going for. 

From there it's just a matter of continuing to tousle it and move it around with your fingers until you are happy with the result! 

The Enjoyment

You are now the proud owner of an awesome new hairstyle! This is a great look for casual evenings on the town, or even formal parties! One might think due to its semi-messy nature that it wouldn't be good for a formal event, but to that I say NAY! It's all about how you pair it! As we see here with our inspiration, you can pair this alongside a great fitting suit and boom, Cool & Casual. 

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