Johnny Depp's Top 5 Hairstyles

Mike Smith

Johnny Depp isn't just the biggest thing on court TV these days, he's also one of the most talented actors in the business. He is mostly known for his iconic characters, from Cry-Baby Walker, Edward Scissorhands, to Willy Wonka and the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. His ability to change into these characters is part of the magic that is the man, and that ability is rooted partly in his style. Today we will list 5 of those styles that we think are worthy of top positions. 

Johnny Depp's Top 5 Hairstyles 

#5-The Cry-Baby Pomp


Any pomade loving, pomp-rocking greaser immediately knows and has tried this style at least once, and most likely realized instantly that its a bit unrealistic to go all day with 2 strands of hair hanging down in the front.

#4 Messy Long Hair  

This one is a fantastic look for Johnny. Its great because its clearly the product of alot of work (hair/makeup/fashion people) but it looks like he threw it together and rolled off the couch and onto the red carpet. 

#3 Combed back Undercut 

This is the style from the movie "Public Enemies", where he plays the role of bank robber John Dillinger. The style captures the timeframe of the movie perfectly, while also catering to Johnny's hair type. If you think about it, this style is like a trimmed up Cry-Baby style, with looser hold and no shine. The two movies sadly are nothing like each other. 

#2 Low Pony 

If you are following the court battle Mr. Depp is currently involved in with his Ex Wife, you might have noticed he has been bringing this ponytail with him to court every day. This is a style that can be used in different ways, as we see in this photo it can be laid back, and casual. But when its combined with a suit it can also be polished and upscale. 

#1 Textured Layered Curtains 


It might be debatable to call this a "curtains" hairstyle, but im going with it for today. This is the fantastic style from a Dior Sauvage campaign and I think its one of the best looks Johnny Depp's had in his career. its rock and roll, its classic, its effortless, while effortful. The layers and texture applied to the hair work perfectly with his face shape and really bring everything together for one fantastic style. 


In the end im fairly certain that Johnny could do almost anything to his hair (and he has) and it would look amazing. When you really look at it honestly however, his hair is and style is only partially so good because of his genetics, he also has professional hairstylists using awesome products to help things really get to that movie star level. This gives me some hope, as I know there is no chance ill ever be a famous movie star, but I can get a good haircut and buy awesome products to style with. 

What Johnny Depp hairstyles do you think are the best?